Synchronoss is Creating the Next Generation Cloud for the Home

San Francisco, NFAPost: Synchronoss Technologies Inc, a global leader and innovator in cloud, messaging and digital products and platforms, announced the introduction of Synchronoss Cloud for Home.

This solution allows unlimited shared cloud storage for the entire household across devices, operating systems, and users. As other cloud providers have dropped unlimited options, Synchronoss is committed to providing a worry-free solution for carriers and their consumers.  

By providing both mobile and fixed wireless connectivity to the home, 5G operators are uniquely positioned to deliver a single cloud for a subscriber’s entire family. This results in an improved sharing experience across devices and between individuals.

The Synchronoss Cloud for Home allows up to five family members to share cloud storage across multiple devices, making it easy to manage digital content and safeguard important documents – such as insurance policies, deeds, home surveys – through the creation of password-protected folders.

Family members can view this content from any device, including mobile phones, laptops, tablets, or smart TV’s.

In Q3 2021, Verizon launched its 5G Home Plus Plan which includes the Synchronoss powered Verizon Cloud as a value-added service and is available to more than 30 million households nationwide. As the 5G rollout picks up momentum, the need for operators to bundle cloud in unlimited plans is crucial.

Synchronoss Chief Commercial Officer Chris Hill said the company is excited to play an essential role in helping operators define the next generation of anytime and anywhere access for their subscribers’ digital content.

“However, it’s not just about seamless access, it’s about the unique ways subscribers can interact with it in a 5G world. The cloud will have a significant seat at the table of the 5G evolution. Leveraging the Synchronoss Cloud for Home solution operators have a new way to create, deliver, engage, and monetize more personalized experiences and offers for their subscribers,” said Synchronoss Chief Commercial Officer Chris Hill.

Synchronoss plans to continue helping 5G operators own the home by uniquely positioning them as a trusted end-to-end provider of total protection services for their subscribers with Cloud for Home. As a result, the Company is fostering new partnerships and building new cloud capabilities to deliver value-added services like security services and insurance plans directly through cloud – leading to higher customer ARPU.

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About Synchronoss

Synchronoss Technologies (Nasdaq: SNCR) builds software that empowers companies around the world to connect with their subscribers in trusted and meaningful ways. The company’s collection of products helps streamline networks, simplify onboarding, and engage subscribers to unleash new revenue streams, reduce costs and increase speed to market.

Hundreds of millions of subscribers trust Synchronoss products to stay in sync with the people, services, and content they love. That’s why more than 1,500 talented Synchronoss employees worldwide strive each day to reimagine a world in sync.

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