Discovery-based pharmaceutical company in Japan leverages Cloudera for greater speed to insights across its research, development, and post-market value chain.

Tokyo, NFAPost: Cloudera, the hybrid data cloud company, today announced that Japanese pharmaceutical company, Shionogi & Co., Ltd., has selected Cloudera to boost its data analytics capabilities for increased business performance and realize its vision of achieving data-driven innovation.

Through this partnership, Shionogi hopes to democratise access to its vast amounts of data and promote data literacy to accelerate research and product releases.

As a discovery-based pharmaceutical company, Shionogi is focused on researching and developing more effective medications and pharmaceuticals to protect the health and well-being of patients. The extensive amounts of data that Shionogi generates and relies on reside in silos on varying platforms spread across various locations.

To realize its vision of true data-driven innovation, Shionogi required a comprehensive data platform that could quickly aggregate and analyze this data in a secure and governed manner. Democratized accessibility to this data while maintaining data security and data governance was key.

Cloudera worked with Shionogi to upgrade its existing data platform to the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), a secure, organized platform that is easily integrated into the various other systems used by Shionogi.

The company has integrated all of its data silos, with CDP functioning as a consolidated database. The single source of truth provides easy access to data, which has increased the productivity of its data engineers and scientists by facilitating the sharing of information across the organization, improving the data literacy within Shionogi. 

CDP seamlessly connects to business intelligence (BI) tools and analysis systems while ensuring security and governance, allowing Shionogi to accelerate the hypothesis and test cycles of drug discovery and development.

Shionogi & Co Vice President, Data Science Department, Dr. Yoshitake Kitanishi said Shionogi believes that the company will need to maximize the use of collective data and knowledge to achieve true data-driven innovation.

“The Cloudera Data Platform is what we need – a secure, organized and integrated database. Its ability to aggregate and analyze a wide variety of internal and external data, structured or unstructured, lets it rapidly process large volumes of data,” said Shionogi & Co Vice President, Data Science Department, Dr. Yoshitake Kitanishi said Shionogi.

Shionogi & Co Vice President, Data Science Department, Dr. Yoshitake Kitanishi said Shionogi said the company can derive business insights quickly as it seamlessly connects to BI tools and analysis systems while complying with privacy protection and other compliance requirements.

Cloudera Japan Managing Director Takeshi Osawa said Cloudera is delighted to support Shionogi on using data to transform its business.

“The company is currently working on COVID-19 medications and we are proud to be able to be part of this process. Cloudera’s scalable hybrid data cloud will help Shionogi achieve its goal of being a data-driven business,” said Cloudera Japan Managing Director Takeshi Osawa.

About Cloudera

Cloudera believes data can make what is impossible today, possible tomorrow. Cloudera taught the world the value of big data, creating an industry and ecosystem powered by the relentless innovation of the open source community.

The company empowers customers, leaders in their industries, to transform complex data into clear and actionable insights. Through its hybrid data cloud platform, organizations are able to build their data-driven future by getting data – no matter where it resides – into the hands of those that need it.

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