The 30-acre Integrated Clinical Wellness Complex at Kozhikode is built on state-of-the-art sustainable technology with a positive impact on the community.

More than 400 people will get direct employment

Kozhikode, NFAPost: Kerala Tourism Minister PA Mohammad Riyaz inaugurated a comprehensive clinical wellness resort brand named ‘Tulah’ promoted by KEF Holdings.

The foundation stone laying of the second phase of the project also took place at Chelempra near Kozhikode in the presence of KEF Holdings Chairman Faisal Kottikollon and KEF Holdings Vice Chairperson Shabana Faizal uniquely by playing bamboo gong.

Kef Holdings Chairman Dr. Faizal Kottikollon hosted the event and Zambia Consul General Duncan Moulima attended the ceremony. Bollywood star Sunil Shetty, KEF Holdings Vice-Chairperson Shabana Faizal and KEF Holdings Clinical Operations Head Dr Ravi Parihar were also present. Hassan Witwit of KEF Holdings proposed the vote of thanks.

Speaking at the function, Kerala Tourism Minister P.A. Mohammed Riyas said institutions introducing Ayurveda are introducing Kerala itself.

“I sincerely believe that Kerala is one of the most beautiful places God has created and that it will be a feather in the cap of God’s own country. Everything about this place is so beautiful. Tula means balance,” said Kerala Tourism Minister P.A. Mohammed Riyas.

Kerala Tourism Minister P.A. Mohammed Riyas also thanked the balance is something that cannot be found.

“Balance is something that you have to create. And I’m sure everybody at the entire team will help us create that balance and help us take care of ourselves,” said Suniel Shetty while attending the function,” said Kerala Tourism Minister P.A. Mohammed Riyas.

Thanking everyone for their presence, Faizal said that calm combines clinical and wellness services with the expertise of traditional Ayurveda, yoga, Tibetan medical practices, sound healing, sports, rehabilitation, healthy nutrition and holistic living academy with state-of-the-art medical expertise from Maitreya, KEF Holdings’ flagship hospital

First phase works of the project will begin by March 2023 and will be fully operational by March 2024.Kottikollon added that the project will strengthen state tourism by attracting people from the GCC, Europe and South Asia, and will directly employ more than 400 people, and plans to launch similar clinical wellness resorts in the UAE and Southeast Asia.

The facility rests with the primary purpose of encouraging guests to develop healthy habits and transform their lifestyle with a comprehensive healthcare program that includes clinical wellness, spa services, physical fitness activities, wellness education and healthy cuisine.

The project envisions creating a sustainable and eco-friendly ecosystem, that features solar power park, tree plantations, high-tech organic farming, organic grown food, water technology, composting and radiant cooling instead of air-conditioning. The infrastructure and design of the space have been conceptualized by a world-renowned team of international architects and designers, which includes KEF designs, KKD, LAMI and SquareM.

The resort is strategically located at Chelembra, near Kozhikode Airport and will have 130 rooms of which 50 rooms will commence operations in its first phase – March 2023. The resort also offers features like a 44,000-square-foot swimming pool and a Michelin Star Restaurant with a farm-to-table concept linked with the organic farms in the property.

The organic farm has been developed along with the resort with an aim to mobilize farmers from different parts of the state to adopt community farming methods. The vegetables currently being produced are supplied to retailers and wholesalers in Kozhikode.

The idea behind this clinical wellness resort is to learn from nature, harmonize traditional and modern medicine practices towards better health, build healthy relationships with communities, and learn to apply these practices every day, towards a peaceful coexistence.

About KEF Holdings

KEF Holdings is a privately-owned family company, headquartered in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), UAE – steeped in more than 25 years of success and shaped by a mission to be different and make a difference.

At KEF Holdings, we invest in businesses that are innovative, sustainable, cost-effective and deliver positive disruptive solutions across core business sectors previously encompassing valve manufacturing in oil and gas, infrastructure and currently in healthcare, and clinical wellness to benefit society and build a better tomorrow.

The company’s ethos is guided and institutionalized by the Faizal and Shabana Foundation – which is at the heart of all their businesses, ensuring that the family and employees contribute time and resources towards social causes.

As part of their vision of ‘Giving to Create Impact’, the foundation is known for their inspiring efforts in public education with the transformation and upscaling of Nadakkavu Government school, Calicut. Their quaternary flagship hospital of international standards at Calicut, Meitra Hospital, offers unparalleled clinical care and patient experience, which is another landmark by the organisation.

A true changemaker and genuine trailblazer, KEF Holdings is an industry agnostic company powered by innovation, an unshakeable disruptive spirit, and an unwavering commitment to creating positive social impact for a better future.

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