Bengaluru, NFAPost: SpaceX lunar flight mission is all set to kick-off some time in 2023 with its actual flight date still unconfirmed. Mr. Yusaku Maezawa, however, has booked a week-long lunar round-trip aboard the SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft to become the first paid passenger to do so on a scheduled moon flight mission.

SpaceX 2023 Moon Flight Mission – Free Seats Selection Criteria

Now, Maezawa is seeking around 12 crew members to accompany him on this remarkable journey around the lunar orbit. There are a few caveats for the selection criteria though as eight of them will be picked from the general public who will be eligible for the free seats aboard the Starship.

The lucky eight who clear the screening process and complete the given assignment before 21 March will be chosen for the final interview. Those who pass the final interview followed by a medical screening test in late May, will enjoy the free round-trip on SpaceX’s Lunar mission to share their unique experience with the world.

The prospective candidates, however, should complete their pre-registrations on or before 14 March. The final schedule is tentatively set and could be altered at short notice, according to the microsite where the advert is posted.

SpaceX 2023 Moon Mission – Flight Plan

The blueprint of SpaceX’s flight plan reveals the intended course that loops around the moon and back to form the figure of eight. There are no specific timestamps for the onward and return journey though. But, the entire crew is expected to undergo some special training in preparation of the flight mission.

SpaceX 2023 Moon Flight Mission Offers Eight Free Seats for the Chosen Ones

Maezawa’s Original Selection Criteria for SpaceX’s 2023 Lunar Flight Mission

It may be recalled that Maezawa in his original advert had sought applications from six to eight artists to assist him in creating art based on his mission experience. He had also called for prospective female applicants older than 20 to join him on the trip as his soulmate or life partner to be featured in a documentary about their relationship and the whole new experience.

Maezawa for some reason retracted his original idea within a month of announcing the scheme of hiring artists and a life partner on a lunar mission, as reported by the BBC News in January last year.

There have been quite a few instances in the recent past wherein free seats were given away aboard the spaceship on a scheduled flight mission. For instance, Inspiration4 is one such space mission which is scheduled to take off in late 2021 aboard SpaceX’s Dragon.

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