Bengaluru, NFAPost: As Covid-19 pandemic effect spread across the business landscape, global leader in business process management (BPM) and customer experience solutions Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) reported strong growth in 2020 as companies continue to look for business partners to help enhance customer experience (CX), satisfaction and loyalty.

HGS has succeeded in signing 32 new customer engagements in 2020. To manage this growth, HGS has committed to hiring more than 2,000 additional employees through September 2020, in US.

HGS Inc President Narasimha Murthy said HGS provides CX services on behalf of a wide range of companies, including some of the most well-known brands in the world, with tech-enabled business process management services, cutting edge digital and traditional customer experience solutions, and social media-based customer care solutions.

“As more companies look for innovative CX and BPM solutions to not just weather the storm but plan for growth beyond the COVID-19 crisis, we’re adding customer care professionals, engineers, and IT support personnel to our staff to keep up with demand,” said HGS Inc President Narasimha Murthy.

Innovative CX and BPM solutions

The HGS EPIC™ Social Care solution, which uses artificial intelligence to quickly and effectively engage customers on social media channels. Frost & Sullivan recently awarded HGS the North America Customer Service Leadership Award for Social Media Consulting and Management for EPIC (Engage, Protect, Inform and Create).

The EPIC Social Care solution received the award for its superior AI and speed when compared to other solutions, cutting in half the industry average response time while also using advancing AI technology to filter out spam posts.

Business continuity solutions to help customers navigate the COVID-19 crisis, including HGS QuickEntry™ chatbots to help employees screen for coronavirus symptoms, check-in with HR team members to report illness, and access health benefit information.

Healthcare providers

An enhanced global Work@Home program to enable more than 21,000 HGS employees to perform contact center tasks from home

The Nurse Triage solution for the healthcare industry, offering 1,200 registered nurses on hand to provide front-line support to healthcare providers for COVID-19-related calls, enabling healthcare providers and health insurance plan staff to focus on critical case requirements.

“Companies today struggle with how to create truly memorable customer experiences and lasting impressions – ones that help build brand affinity and loyalty, said Michael DeSalles, Frost & Sullivan principal analyst, information and communication technology.

said Michael DeSalles, Frost & Sullivan principal analyst, information and communication technology said HGS has developed an industry-leading social media customer engagement offering, including a world-class talent profile for hiring agents who are best-suited for social media work.

“The approaches to both social media and agent recruitment are clear competitive differentiators,” said said Michael DeSalles, Frost & Sullivan principal analyst, information and communication technology.

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