Mumbai, NFAPost: Tata group’s ambitious ‘Super App’ Tata Neu, is all set to give stiff competition to other eCommerce players with its announcement of including other brands in the future besides its in-house products.

Tata Sons Executive Chairman N Chandrasekaran said the super app’s evolution will be customer-driven, not contracts.

“We will go beyond Tata offerings and the evolution of the Tata Neu app will be customer-driven, it will be determined by the consumers,” he said.

Tata Digital had launched the much-awaited Neu app last week. The app houses most Tata brands except for Vistara, Air India, Titan, Tanishq, Tata Motors, which are expected to join the platform soon. The company will launch a new category every quarter based on the consumer demand.

This is the first time that Chandrasekaran has indicated the possibility of hosting non-Tata brands on the platform. He said the launch of Tata Neu has been made with a lot of products and services from the Tata stable, and that the superapp is an ‘open architecture.’

“It will play out and manifest itself in many use cases of the Indian consumer by leveraging digital access, offline presence, tech innovation and the human potential available in the country,” said Tata Sons Executive Chairman N Chandrasekaran.

The Tata Sons chairman said the loyalty program called ‘Neu Pass’ will continue to be enhanced in terms of free deliveries, other benefits and upgrades. “We have lots of thoughts on how powerful Neu Pass can be given our entire ecosystem,” he added.

Tata Digital Chief Executive Officer Pratik Pal said at the conference that since the launch of Tata Neu, it has reported more than 2.2 million downloads.

“Neu Coins will also play a crucial role in Tata Neu. The group also has the unique combination of providing omnichannel services through its strong physical footprint and now online services,” said Tata Digital Chief Executive Officer Pratik Pal.

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