Ø Launches India’s First AC with HEPA Filter

Ø Introduces new SKUs across its range of Air Conditioners, Air Coolers, Commercial Refrigeration, and Voltas Beko Home Appliances

New Delhi, NFAPost: Voltas, India’s undisputed leader in cooling products and the No 1 AC brand from the house of Tata’s, has strengthened its leadership position further by launching India’s First AC with HEPA Filter technology.

This latest offering, the Voltas’ PureAir 6 Stage Adjustable Inverter AC comes with a unique value proposition of ‘Pure & Flexible Air Conditioning’, powered with HEPA Filter, PM 1.0 Sensor and AQI Indicator (which is an industry first).

The features helps to purify the indoor air and is also loaded with 6 Stage Adjustable Tonnage Mode, that allows the user to switch within multiple tonnages, depending on the ambient heat or number of people in the room. It provides pure and clean air, along with savings and optimization of running costs.

Ø Key Features of Voltas PureAir Inverter AC powered with HEPA Filter and PM1.0 Sensor.
• HEPA Filter: Provides a very high level of filtration for the smallest, as well as the largest, particulate contaminants.
• AQI Indicator with PM 1.0 sensor: A multi-colour indicator ring to show the AQI range along with a highly sensitive PM sensor which detects the presence of particulate matter with highest accuracy.
• Multi Adjustable Mode: Intelligent switching within multiple tonnages, basis ambient heat and number of people in the room.
• Super UVC Technology in select models for further purification.
• Eco- friendly Refrigerant: Green R32 refrigerant, which is environment friendly.
• High Ambient Cooling: Keeps user comfortable even at 52°C.
Augments its Product Portfolio, with the introduction of its 2022 range of Cooling Products

The latest survey by Voltas indicated that Indian customers’ preferences in the home appliance category are evolving, with comfort, convenience, cooling, health, and technology becoming the top priority.

According to the research, 77% of Indians want their air conditioners to be upgraded with air purification technology, which cleans the indoor air swiftly by destroying pollutants, germs, and pathogens. Our market insights reaffirm that there is a consumer trend of upgrading their home appliances, while they continue in a hybrid mode and rely on technology.

Commenting on the launch of the new range of Air Conditioners, Voltas Limited Managing Director & CEO Pradeep Bakshi said being the market leader in Air Conditioners, Voltas market insights have revealed that consumers are now looking at upgraded features in their ACs that cater to their health and purification needs.

“Keeping this insight in mind we have introduced Voltas PureAir Inverter Air conditioners that have a HEPA Filter along with PM1.0 Sensor, AQI Indicator and 6 stage Adjustable Mode, which offers cooling and purification along with savings,” said Voltas Limited Managing Director & CEO Pradeep Bakshi.

He also said the company aims to remain a consumer-centric brand by offering them the option of 6 different tonnage options, along with air purification, within one product. “Our range of ACs compliments the consumer’s need for energy-efficient products,” said Voltas Limited Managing Director & CEO Pradeep Bakshi.

Key Features of Voltas Beko Home Appliances:

• HarvestFresh+ Technology: 30 days’ freshness of fruits & vegetables.
• Active Fresh Blue Light Technology, simulates natural lighting conditions, keeps food fresh.
Washing Machine:
• Stain Expert function: helps remove 26 types of Indian stains.
• Steam Wash: Softens dirt, releases wrinkles and sanitizes clothes
• Prosmart Inverter Motor enhances washing machine’s performance while consuming less energy, brushless motor provides low friction.
• India’s first 5 Star Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Key Features of Voltas Fresh Air Coolers:
• Smart Humidity Controller: optimizes the humidity in the air
• Mosquito Repellent: Resists mosquito breeding and keeps them away
• Turbo Air Throw: Large fan size delivers powerful air throw to cool large spaces.
• Pre Soaking: Pre-cools the Honeycomb pads before starting the fan, releasing cool and fresh air
• Honeycomb Cooling pads: More durable, and provides uniform cooling without letting dirt and sediment deposit.

The Voltas 2022 AC product range includes over 80+ SKUs, with 45 SKUs in Inverter ACs, 17 in Split ACs, and 12 in Window ACs, besides Cassette and Tower ACs. Within this, Voltas has launched 3 SKUs of PureAir Inverter AC’s.

This Summer, Voltas’ new range of ACs are also coupled with unique & exciting promotional offers for consumer like 15% cashback, Easy EMI offer, Lifetime Inverter Compressor Warranty and, 5-Year Comprehensive Warranty, for ease of adoption & access to customers.

This summer, Voltas has also launched 38 SKUs of its Voltas Fresh Air Coolers under various sub-categories such as Personal, Window, Tower, and Desert Air Coolers. The new range comprises of new models like, Windsor with 4-sided cooling advantage, Epicool with style and ultra-cooling, Virat with a sturdy metal body, and Alfa fresh with purification advantage.

The Company also strengthened its overall portfolio by introducing 60 SKUs of Commercial Refrigeration products, including Convertible Freezer, Freezer on Wheel, and Curved Glass Freezer. The company has also launched 22 SKUs of Water Dispensers, and 25 SKUs of Water Coolers. Voltas also has a range of Cold room solutions for the B2B segment.

Through its new Home Appliances JV brand, Voltas Beko, the company aims to strengthen its portfolio in 2022 by launching a series of new products. Keeping the brand promise and commitment to stand by the ‘Make in India’ initiative, Voltas Beko will unveil an array of innovations this year.

The Frost Free range of refrigerator with unique patented technologies, Harvest Fresh and Store Fresh technology, Direct Cool refrigerator with features like Active Fresh Blue Light and Rapid Cooling, within major capacities, all with standard BEE Star Rating.

The brand has also introduced 5 Star rated Top Load Washing Machine, having industry-defining USPs like Fountain Wash and, adjustable Jet function. All product offerings in the Semi-Automatic Twin Tub Category shall have a 5 Star Rating.

The overall Washing Machine portfolio will now cater to 7.5 to 14 kg capacities. The Microwave oven category in the Solo, Grill, and Convection segment has also been expanded. And, the highly successful Dish Washer category has witnessed further expansion with the introduction of AquaIntense and Fast Plus functions. Voltas Beko is the latest growing brand in the Home Appliances segment.

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