Tokyo, NFAPost: Sakurafresh Beverage and Food, a Japan headquartered global beverage and food company, recently launched their world-acclaimed and awards winning range of Zero Alcoholic spirits and liqueurs in India.

Close on the heels of their highly successful portfolio of Zero Alcohol Cocktail Bitters, Indian consumers will now be able to enjoy the wide variety of Sakurafresh Zero Alcohol spirits and liqueurs.

The range includes Amaretto Liqueur, Amaro Italiano Liqueur, Italian Red Bitter Liqueur, Reposado Spirit and Negroni among others. The Amaretto and Amaro Italiano are the world’s first Zero alcohol versions of the same.

Sakurafresh had won 23 global awards and medals in the spirits industry at the prestigious Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC), The Global Spirits Masters and China Wines & Spirits (CWSA) competitions.

Sakurafresh has won the highest global awards in the spirits industry. The fact that all these highest industry awards have been won while competing against regular alcoholic spirits and liqueurs in blind tastings, bear ample testimony to the authenticity of aroma, palate and mouth feel of the entire product range.

Sakurafresh sustainably grows its own botanicals, herbs and spices at First Agro’s 100+ acres farm near Bangalore in India to ensure a ‘Seed to Spirit’ provenance and traceability.

Headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, Sakurafresh Beverage & Food is a global manufacturer of beverages and culinary food products. Sakurafresh India has a world class manufacturing unit in Mysore district which services India and the neighboring SAARC countries.

Their foray into the Indian market during late 2018 was with their highly successful range of Zero Alcohol Bitters which now commands a majority market share in India and other countries. What is not commonly known is that most bitters sold in the world contain around 40% alcohol. As the World’s first Zero Alcohol Bitters manufacturer, Sakurafresh has 16 varieties of all natural alcohol-free bitters in India.

Their portfolio also includes Cocktail Syrups, Citrusy and Tropical fruity Tarts, Tonic Water Concentrates and Aroma Finish (edible perfumes). Their Tonic water concentrate is the first in the world which is Quinine free.

Sakurafresh Beverage & Food Cofounder Naveen M V said as a global manufacturer of beverages for conscious consumers, the company has a simple vision to enrich the health of consumers by offering a wide variety of sustainable beverages.

“Our award winning and globally acclaimed range of Zero Alcohol Spirits, Liqueurs, beverages and concentrates are carefully crafted by combining ancient recipes, and blends of botanicals & herbs that are sustainably grown along with extensive R and D and modern blending techniques to offer the consumer an unmatched sensory experience,” said Sakurafresh Beverage & Food Cofounder Naveen M V.

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