For the first time in virtual history, NOVAC hosts awards and recognition ceremony in Metaverse

Chennai, NFAPost: Bringing virtual universes to reality, digital transformation and cloud solutions company NOVAC Technology Solutions has now entered the sphere of metaverse by becoming the first company to conduct their “Rewards and Recognition Programme” for NOVAC learning, their digital learning team.

Building a multiuser virtual environment with real-time communication, the company’s hybrid model aims to bring together work from home (WFH) and work from office(WFO) employees under one roof with the creation of animated avatars, enabling them to enjoy a surreal experience.

With the metaverse becoming a phenomenon in gaming and technology, users now get to work, recreate, relax and socialize in the vast 3D digital ecosystem.

The recent R&R program amassed a picturesque, simulated landscape on an island surrounded by the sea and mountains with gateways, and platforms. The entire infrastructure was developed to provide a sense of identity to the employees and acknowledge their efforts while enhancing their learning experience as well.

Commenting on the company intiative, NOVAC Technology Solutions Chief Manager Shanavaz SF said staying on top of digital trends, the company is ecstatic to be the first firm, to conduct Rewards and Recognition program via the metaverse.

“This would not have been possible without our professionally skilled and brilliant personnel, who created a special virtual zone for the company, replete with iconic features, avatars, and several screens to provide the greatest possible experience,” said NOVAC Technology Solutions Chief Manager Shanavaz S F.

Speaking of the Metaverse business opportunities, Novac Technology Solutions Associate Vice President Pradeep B said the search for new metaverse business opportunities has become more intense after the involvement of larger organisations in metaverse projects.

“We’re delighted to assist businesses in developing real brand experiences in Metaverse by personalizing assets, altering environments, and promoting their products/services,” said Novac Technology Solutions Associate Vice President Pradeep B.

Novac has had a dominant presence in the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) space for quite a long time now. With immense expertise in immersive technology, the company has developed a spectrum of marketing and training solutions for businesses.

Furthermore, venturing into the metaverse, NOVAC has a gamut of services to be offered to businesses like NFT Design & Development, private metaverse development, and building experiences in existing metaverses like Decentraland, Somnium Space, Roblox, and Sandbox for businesses, assisting them in making a smooth transition into the immersive world.

About NOVAC Technology Solutions:

NOVAC Technology Solutions is a digital transformation and cloud solutions company in Chennai,India. With expertise in ImmersiveTech, EduTech , FinTech, InsurTech and RetailTech, Novac helps businesses in their transition to the digital world seamlessly.

Across channels, NOVAC emphasizes its brand values and aims to build a long-lasting relationship with clients to ensure world-class solutions that exceed clients’ expectations. Their robust digital enterprise solutions, ZIVA and NOVA, can supercharge any financial services and insurance organization.

Their Digital Learning Platforms AXLE for Corporates and KLASS LMS for B2B2C segment has garnered acclaim. The KAZITO®, their brand store solution that powers small- and large-scale retail businesses, is gaining good traction too. At NOVAC, the company sees innovation as a continuous process and firmly believes that the agile business model is crucial to any business’s success.

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