The research states that maximum searches for EPABX machines & mobile phone signal boosters

Demand in Tier-I cities rise by 66% and Tier-II by 77%

Mumbai, NFAPost: With offices coming back to physical mode, demand for telecom equipment across India is on a rise with maximum searches being witnessed for EPABX machines and mobile phone signal boosters, reports the latest JD Mart Consumer Insights.

Search trends on JD Mart, India’s latest B2B platform by Just Dial, revealed that the demand for telecom equipment has risen by 73% YOY as businesses and offices are gradually going back to the physical mode in a phased manner.

Tier-II cities are witnessing a faster demand growth rate vis-à-vis Tier-I cities in India. While the bulk of the searches are happening in Tier-I cities that saw a YOY growth rate of 66%, the demand rise in Tier-II cities was 77%.

Commenting on the trend, Just Dial Chief Marketing Officer Prasun Kumar said it is encouraging to see that businesses across the country are picking up and this uptick is being reflected on JD Mart.

“At JD Mart, we have tried to aggregate a large section of the B2B market for a wide range of categories. The rise in consumer demand on the platform validates the fact that JD Mart has brought online a host of suppliers and manufacturers of telecom equipment,” said Just Dial Chief Marketing Officer Prasun Kumar.

Demand for EPABX machines in India saw a YOY rise of 74% while that for mobile phone signal boosters by 62%. Demand rise for EPABX in Tier-I cities was 69% and in Tier-II it was 78%. For mobile phone signal boosters, it was 52% in Tier-I and 72% in Tier-II.

Among Tier-I cities, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru were the top-3 cities that saw maximum demand for EPABX machines. Jaipur, Chandigarh, Mysore, Patna, and Nagpur were the top-5 Tier-II cities where EPABX machines were in maximum demand.

Delhi, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad were the top-3 Tier-I cities that saw maximum demand for mobile phone signal boosters while Bhopal, Coimbatore, Chandigarh, and Madurai were the Tier-II cities that saw maximum searches.

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