Bengaluru, NFAPost: The second-largest healthcare services provider Manipal Hospitals has entered into a partnership to use Fitbit’s wearable technology with ConnectedLife’s virtual platform to remotely monitor patient’s post-surgery recovery.

This digital initiative will use Fitbit’s wearable technology to stay connected with patients post surgeries like total knee replacement, angioplasty, cardiac bypass surgery, and other high-risk surgeries.

The technology optimises patient care by triggering reminders to take medications or participate in physiotherapy and triggering warnings if there are significant deviations outside normal physiological parameters.

Fitbit devices, along with the patient monitoring platform, will be provided by ConnectedLife, a Singapore-based health management solutions company. Manipal Hospitals said it signed a strategic partnership with the fitness products company.

Manipal Hospitals chairman Sudarshan Ballal said through this partnership, Manipal Hospital is expecting post-surgery care to become seamless, as wearable technology will help monitor certain critical parameters of patients who have undergone total knee replacement surgery, angioplasty, cardiac bypass surgery, and other high-risk surgeries.

“The devices will read and record patient data such as heart rate, oxygen saturation level, sleep quality, steps, and pain score before and after the surgery. The captured data will be shared on the ConnectedLife platform for the doctors to assess,” said Manipal Hospitals chairman Sudarshan Ballal.

In addition to keeping track of patients’ health, the monitoring platform can be tailored for each patient to send them reminders to take medicines or do physiotherapy on time. It can also send out alerts if it detects any major shift in the physiological parameters.

ConnectedLife Founder and Chief Executive Officer Daryl Arnold said his company will add new features and capabilities every two to four weeks based on feedback from patients and doctors.

“Fitbit said it is working with ConnectedLife to engage with strategic partners like Manipal Hospitals and develop and implement solutions that can help build a digital health ecosystem in India,” said ConnectedLife Founder and CEO Daryl Arnold.

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