App gets kids moving with fun, immersive educational games covering topics in English and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

San Francisco, NFAPost: Health and fitness company GOFA International launched Luca & Friends, an innovative app that uses AI (artificial intelligence) technology to get kids move through fun, immersive educational games. Luca & Friends is one among the first app in the world to combine learning and fitness via cutting-edge AI motion technology.

Designed for kids ages 4-8, the app provides an interactive learning experience in which players play games by moving to select the right answers. Using basic movements and following simple directions, players might stretch or jump in order to “touch” or “catch” the right answers helping them build strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility while practicing English and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills.

Luca & Friends creator and GOFA CEO Wayne Chung said in an age where kids are spending more and more time in front of their screens, GOFA International has created a way to make that time more educational and active.

“This app includes principles of English, such as spelling and grammar, as well as STEM content and provides kids with fun, exciting and engaging games designed to help instill healthy habits. Through the use of AI technology, these games encourage movement and learning, giving kids the perfect platform on which to improve their knowledge and increase their daily exercise,” said Luca & Friends creator and GOFA CEO Wayne Chung.

It is important to note that World Health Organisation recommends 60 minutes of exercise daily for children, yet 76% of American kids are falling short of that goal. To help families, schools and out-of-school time programs address this issue in today’s tech-driven world.

The Luca & Friends story centers on a “galaxy far, far away” where Prince Luca and his alien friends Pumkey, Digby, and Mighty Coca, embark on a mission to save Earth from hate, fighting and hurt. The characters then appear in the app to connect kids to the exciting worlds of learning and movement.

Key features of Luca & Friends Include:

● Social interaction – All games are socially interactive – encouraging players to invite friends and family to join the fun.

● Educational Content – Luca & Friends offers over 100 lessons and activities covering English and STEM topics. All content has been created by accredited teachers and trainers and is linked to curriculum standards.

● Rewards – Luca & Friends offers loyalty and reward programs to motivate kids to stay active.

● Parent Dashboard – The Parent Zone progress dashboard shows parents the play history for their child, and allows them to input health data so they can track their child’s growth status.

● Playback Mode – The app collects a short video of the player so they can see themselves move during gameplay.

● A “quiet mode” – Players can revert back to touch-screen play in situations where there isn’t the opportunity to move around.

● Connecting app – to a television or other display

Luca & Friends is currently available for iPhone and Android devices via Google Play and the Apple App store. For more information, visit: https://www.lucafriends.com/.

About Luca & Friends:

Luca & Friends’ mission is to connect primary school-aged children to education, fitness and healthier habits through the use of AI technology. Its vision is to transform lifestyles every day through its mantra “Move, Learn. Play.”

Powered by the AI technology of its parent company GOFA International, Luca & Friends is the first mobile device app in India to combine learning and fitness via cutting-edge AI motion technology. It provides an immersive and interactive learning experience that gets kids moving while also strengthening their English and STEM skills. For more information, visit

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