India decided to boycott the event citing diplomatic reasons

Beijing / Tokyo, NFAPost: Winter Olympics 2022 started off with flying colours at the Beijing National Stadium, also known as the ‘Bird’s Nest’.

The event is happening at a time when the whole world is ravaged by Covid-19 pandemic and India decided to boycott the event.

Seven torchbearers carried six Olympic torches in the final leg of the relay. The final leg featured two carriers Dinigeer Yilamujiang and Zhao Jiawen– a male and a female – to signify gender equality.

India said it won’t send its top diplomat in Beijing to the Winter Olympics after the honour of carrying the Olympic torch went to a Chinese solidier who was wounded in a deadly boarder clash between the countries two years ago.

Arif Khan carries Indian
national flag as part of the inaugural ceremony at Winter Olympics 2022 in Beijing.

Lone Indian athlete, Arif Khan, carried the national flag as he represented the country at the Parade of Nations at the Beijing Winter Olympics opening ceremony.

The U.S. flagbearers were Elana Meyers Taylor (bobsled) and John Schuster (curling). Brittany Bowe (speedskating) will step in for Meyers Taylor, who is still in isolation after testing positive for COVID-19.

Earlier, a children’s choir from Hebei Province sang the Olympic anthem – in Greek, the native Olympic language, following three months of practice. The Olympic oath was also recited.

For the parade of athletes, organizers desired to use the story of a snowflake as a theme. Countries enter the procession being led by a placard with the country’s name on it, and the placard is in the image of a snowflake – they’re also inspired by the “Chinese knot,” an ancient craft of hand knitting with one thread.

China’s most famous artist, Ai Weiwei, helped design the stadium to symbolize freedom, openness and optimism. Ai became a staunch critic of China’s Communist Party, and in a cruel twist of fate, has been living in exile in Europe for years, most recently in Portugal.

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