New Delhi, NFAPost: Authenticated celebrity NFT platform Colexion has raised over $5 million, which will enable its team to build and expand its Metaverse infrastructure.

With this move, Colexion raises the bar for the broader NFT industry by going beyond what conventional trading platforms tend to offer artists and collectors.

Colexion Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abhay Aggarwal said Colexion aims to increase NFT adoption via seamless, affordable and easy to understand NFT ecosystem and partnering with these industry giants will help in strengthening our long-term objective and expand the company’s metaverse.

“As a company, we will continue to focus on building a more robust economy and innovate our product portfolio to leverage brand partnerships in a much more efficient manner,” said Colexion Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abhay Aggarwal.

Colexion Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abhay Aggarwal along with Bollywood Star Sunil Shetty.

Colexion is a premium NFT marketplace that has been attracting the attention of various investment firms and private supporters. The team raised $1.8 million in the seed round and $3.2 million from a private round.

Combined, both rounds yielded contributions from Polygon, Jump Trading investments, Alan Howard of Brevan Howard, HyperEdge Capital, C² Ventures, GSR, Oracles Investment Group (OIG), Gains Associate and several other prominent names like ZBS Capital, ICO Pantera, Titan Ventures, Good Games Lab, Maven Capital, and more.

Furthermore, the native $CLXN utility token will come to numerous launchpads, including Redkite, Prostarter, Scaleswap, Firestarter, and more. Trading of $CLXN will occur on some of the top exchanges. In addition, the token and native Colexion NFTs will trade on the built-in marketplace and multiple Tier-A exchanges.

The primary focus of Colexion is licensing celebrity NFTs while ensuring they remain affordable for the masses. These celebrities include major Indian movie stars, international cricket players, and other global sports and movie stars.

Users of this NFT platform’s ecosystem can experience a virtual museum of legendary celebrities depicting their life journeys. They can also enjoy various tournaments and concerts. The expansion of its Metaverse world will bring a diverse community together to achieve a common goal.

Colexion has been gaining more traction after a recent Trump Card NFT drop of 30 international celebrities, making it the biggest NFT drop in this category to date.

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