Bengaluru, NFAPost: Leading educational conglomerates Narayana Group has joined hands with Financepeer, a fintech company that helps parents to pay fees for their wards education, to help over 50,000 students to pay their education fee on zero cost easy EMI.

According to a press release issued, Narayana Group stated that the past 18 months with its impact of Covid-19 have brought a serious economic imbalance which has impacted a large percentage of the population in the payment of thier children’s educational fees.

“As the education fee payment becomes a stressful task for several parents, so to address the challenge of parents about fee payment, Narayana Group of Institutions has brought a path-breaking mechanism of fees payment under fee financing model which comes with Zero cost EMI,” states the company

For this special arrangement, Narayana Group has teamed up with Financepeer India’s leading Fee Payment Solution provider. Under this agreement, Financepeer will provide a facility using which parents can pay their child’s education fee in multiple parts at zero additional cost.

This facility will be made available to 50,000 students of Narayana Group of Institutions. Financepeer is also offering free insurance facilities to the students that will ensure security to their education.

Speaking about the collaboration, Financepeer Founder Rohit Gajbhiye said Narayana Group of Institutions is among the most prestigious names in the industry and is known for its quality education.

“This partnership is a win-win situation as it opens the gates of a premier educational institution for the parents while the institution will have access to the funds without any hassle. Also, the insurance facility that we provide will act as a safety guard for the students to pursue their education without interruption,” said Financepeer Founder Rohit Gajbhiye.

Financepeer Founder Rohit Gajbhiye also said this association will further motivate the company to achieve its vision of ensuring quality education to the masses. “This also gives us the energy to continue working with great zeal to bring a revolution in the education system of the country,” said Rohit Gajbhiye.

Speaking about the initiative, Narayana Group of Institutions Executive Director Puneet Kothapa said Narayana Group understands that there is a challenge faced by the entire industry and parents also have financial constraints but the continuity of education is essential for the children.

“We are committed to addressing and resolving the challenges faced by the students so that their education doesn’t suffer. We have identified the fee payment challenge by a lot of parents and have partnered with Financepeer to facilitate them for ease of fee payments,” said Narayana Group of Institutions Executive Director Puneet Kothapa.

Narayana Group of Institutions Executive Director Puneet Kothapa also said this has helped a significant number of parents in managing their finances and we have also seen a spike in our admissions. “The service quality and response mechanism of Financepeer are commendable and we are determined to bring back the lost balance in the education system,” said Puneet Kothapa.

This innovative approach taken by Narayana Group and Financepeer will set the benchmark for others to follow. The fee financing model will change the dynamics of the education industry and would facilitate access to quality education to more and more students.

About Narayana Group

Leading educational conglomerates Narayana Group is one of Asia’s largest educational conglomerates that provides world-class education to more than 4,00,000 students. The group is committed to bringing out the best in every student by imparting a strong educational foundation. Narayana group is widely recognized for its innovative and pathbreaking approach for creating exceptional and enriching student experiences.

About Financepeer

Financepeer offers an innovative and first-of-its-kind Fee Payment solution where the parent can pay their education fees in multiple parts at zero additional cost thereby eliminating the parents’ burden of making bulk payments. Financepeer platform envisages making education accessible to the masses and looks forward to spearheading a revolutionary impact for millions of people.

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