Bengaluru, NFAPost: Biggies Burger, one of the oldest and largest homegrown speciality burger brand is celebrating its 10th anniversary and has hinted at global expansion.

Biggies Burger is one of the pioneer of grilled burger that took the first of its kind initiative to introduce the concept of grilled burgers to Indians. This burger chain has to its credit the fame of selling 50 lakh grilled & baked burgers since its inception.

Biggies Burger becomes India’s first homegrown burger brand to compete with its American Counterparts. Biggies burger currently has a network of 57 stores and is aiming at expanding its network to 300 stores by 2024.

Bootstrapped in the year 2011 with a single Kiosk at Electronic City Bengaluru, the burger chain has grown to become India’s largest homegrown burger brand with its presence in 21 cities in 13 states. Biggies Burger aims on expanding its network in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Biggies Burger was started in the year 2011 under the leadership of Biraja Rout, a techie Turned Foodpreneur that aimed to bring in innovations in the process of burger making. Biggies Burger entered the market with a disruption in the very process of burger making and has topped the bucket list of most Indian foodies in just a decade’s time.

Biraja made this possible by leveraging localization as a competitive advantage in the market that was dominated by American burger brands. It has achieved consistency in quality and taste across the chain by integrating kitchen automation using IoT.

Commenting on the companies plan, Biggies Burger Founder Biraja Prasad Rout said BIGGIES BURGER is at a mission to make burgers Indianised and healthy.

“Specialty Burgers has been our core strength. In the era of health being the first priority, we take pride in selling 80% or more baked and grilled burgers in our portfolio. Biggies Burger is the first burger Brand in India to offer the customers a wholly baked, low-calorie burger that requires absolutely zero oil to cook,” said Biggies Burger Founder Biraja Prasad Rout.

As a national brand, Biggies Burger Founder Biraja Prasad Rout said it is our responsibility to lead and set right standards of burger trends in the country and the company’s is at it.

Not only has he succeeded in building a homegrown burger brand strong enough to compete with American burger brand, Biraja, along with his fellow cofounders Sandeep and Abhilash, has also been working towards easing the burger store franchising process for those that want to explore the QSR business opportunities in their localities.

Biggies Burger Cofounder Sandeep Satpathy said there has seen the toughest time during Covid. “The trust of the franchise on the brand had remained Covid infact has been a boon for us apart from the initial two to three months. We doubled our stores during the covid which is a morale booster for the whol tea,” said Biggies Burger Cofounder Sandeep Satpathy.

Biggies Burger Cofounder Sandeep Satpathy said the company is targeting 100 stores by this year-end and 300 stores by 2024.

“We already have investors from Singapore and have set up one store in Coimbatore which is already operational and also are planning to set up a store in Singapore. By 2022 we will be having our presence in Srilanka,” said Biggies Burger Cofounder Sandeep Satpathy.

Biggies Burger Cofounder Abilash Bellur said with a big expansion plan ahead, it is important that the company ramps up its operations and be ready to handle various challenges that it might encounter.

“We are ramping up our operations by integrating technology to meet the needs of our expansion plans. Presently our focus is on reducing the manual work using technologies in inventory management, billing customer data, and audit system. Currently, our audit system is mostly manual where visiting the stores is mandatory. We are setting up tech-based SOPs to handle multiple outlets,” said Biggies Burger Cofounder Abilash Bellur.

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