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It is conducting a pilot for picking up own deliveries from restaurants

Kolkata, NFAPost: Foodtech startup RailRestro, which has been witnessing steady traction in the number of meals ordered by train passengers, is looking to expand its services to 300 stations in the next couple of months. It currently offers its services across 220 stations across the country.

RailRestro is an online food delivery service, which serves meals on trains. The app is available on Play Store, which can be used by passengers to order food on train. The company has a wide network of tie-ups with restaurants across the country. Customers can book food as per their choice, online, on the website, or via the app, with their PNR number.

According to Manish Chandra, cofounder and director of RailRestro, the pandemic has brought a huge difference in the lifestyle of people and they have got more cautious about what they consume. This has led to increased traction in meal bookings on its app.

The trend is only likely to strengthen further moving forward. The Covid-19 pandemic had not only disrupted train services but had brought to a complete halt the e-catering services in trains. So RailRestro’s operation was also stopped temporarily.

Plans to scale up

According to Manish Chandra, cofounder and director of RailRestro, after the Indian Railways resumed e-catering on trains from February 1 RailRestro was booking close to 4,000 meals a day, and this has increased to close to 10,000-12,000 meals a day.

“With the kind of traction it is seeing, RailRestro plans to scale up presence to over 300 stations in the next one-to-two months and further to 450 by the end of 2022,” Chandra told BusinessLine. The company is hopeful of booking close to 25,000 meals a day by March 2022.

“We had tie-up with close to 2,000 restaurants pre-Covid, that has increased to over 2,500 at present,” Manish Chandra said.

Focusing on deliveries

RailRestro, claims to have served more than 30 lakh customers with 60 lakh meals from the time of its inception till now. It has close to 30% to 35% repeat customers.

The company is conducting a pilot for picking up own deliveries from restaurants. Currently, the majority of the restaurants arrange for delivery of food at their end but now RailRestro is looking to add its fleet of delivery staff to ensure that the food reaches the customers on time.

“Currently we are arranging for deliveries at close to 30-35 stations and we plan to increase the service across 200 stations by the end of this year. If you hire delivery guys then you need to have the required volumes, now that we have it we are planning to scale it up,” he said.

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