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ACT SmartFiber to provide better internet experience in streaming, gaming, WFH and online education

Chennai, NFAPost: ACT Fibernet has introduced ACT SmartFiber technology for all users across the country, at no additional cost.

In a statement, ACT Fibernet said the technology was a combination of the company’s technical expertise, mapping of traffic patterns and consumer usage knowledge to provide a better internet experience in streaming, gaming, WFH and online education among others.

It says the ACT SmartFiber would be applicable to all existing broadband plans and provided to all customers at no additional cost.

According to Atria Convergence Technologies CEO Bala Malladi, “With exponential increase in consumption of data at home and number of devices simultaneously connected, customers demand from their home internet has increased manifold.”

“ACT SmartFiber technology is a revolutionary in home broadband that ensures that we are intelligently and in real time optimise our network performance so that you are always assured an incredible internet experience – be is incredibly fast download speeds, seamless 4k streaming, video conferencing, gaming etc,” Bala Malladi said.

Features of SmartFiber technology

Virtual dedicated speed lanes:
The technology ensures that each customer has a dedicated virtual speed lane from their homes to the data centre. Regardless of peak hour, regardless of size of usage on network, the user will always get their plan speeds.

Optimised for video
The SmartFiber technology is optimised for video streaming through smart caching, peering and other traffic routing technologies. This enables a viewing experience in 4K with no buffering and lags especially on large screen TVs.

The network is also optimised for ultra-stability, with low latency and jitters ensuring a seamless video conference experience.

Self-Healing network
The technology ensures that there are no major disruptions in connectivity.

ACT SmartWiFi
ACT SmartWiFi is being powered by WiFi6 routers. This not only ensures increased speeds but also enables more devices to connect simultaneously. It also optimises bandwidth according to usage. For example, streaming devices at home get more bandwidth than mobiles used for texting, thus enabling optimal experience. This is at present available in Bengaluru and Chennai.

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