Bangalore: Amazon Web Services (AWS) arm of global e-tailer Amazon.com is developing cloud-based solutions for testing drugs of pharma major Pfizer in clinical trials.

“Our cloud-based solutions will help Pfizer improve its new medicines for testing in clinical trials through Pfizer-Amazon Collaboration Team (PACT), set up for applying its AWS in analytics, machine learning, compute, storage, security and cloud data warehousing,” said the US firm in a statement here on Friday.

AWS’s cloud solutions will also help the US-based Pfizer to accelerate development and clinical manufacturing operations for better therapies.

“We are also helping Pfizer enhance its manufacturing processes by embedding predictive maintenance capabilities built with AWS machine learning services like our lookout equipment to detect abnormal behaviour, if any, through its sensor data,” said the company.

The new solutions will also enable Pfizer to maximise uptime for equipment such as centrifuges, agitators, pulverisers, coaters and air handlers, used in clinical drug manufacturing.

“Our life sciences customers are exploring opportunities to scale domain expertise, insight and secure access to right information for reducing time and cost for drug development and clinical trials,” said AWS vice-president Kathrin Renz in a statement.

The past two years of Covid pandemic have reinforced how much speed and agility matter at every step of research, development and clinical manufacturing cycle when lives are at stake.

‘Our domain expertise will assist Pfizer in developing solutions to improve lives of patients globally,” said Renz.

Pfizer vice-president of pharmaceutical sciences Andrew McKillop said the company’s scientists and researchers would be equipped with insights for medical breakthroughs that change patients’ lives.

“We are working with Pfizer to develop a prototype solution for detecting abnormal data points in its drug product and continuing clinical manufacturing platform for solid, oral-dose medicines,” said Renz.

Pfizer scientists will collaborate with AWS healthcare and life sciences experts to explore how researchers can extract and mine information from legacy documents by leveraging AWS analytics and machine learning services./eom/330 words.

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