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Studies indicate Bengaluru is home to the highest number of senior citizens in the state

Chennai, NFAPost: Alserv – a tech start-up focused on non-real-estate-based assisted living services for the elderly announced its foray into Bengaluru and Mysuru. This launch comes close on the heels of its expansion into Kochi, Trivandrum and Coimbatore, after growing its business in Chennai over 24 months.

India is witnessing a critical need for home-based elder care services now. According to studies, Bengaluru is home to the highest number of senior citizens in the state among all 30 districts with roughly 12 lakh senior citizens.

In addition, according to the Longitudinal Ageing Study of India (2020), India’s elderly population is expected to reach 319 million by 2050.[1] This statistic shows that the proportion of the population that is over the age of 65 is increasing exponentially over time.

As traditional family-based care is becoming less the norm, an increase in the older population will lead to an urgent need for elder care and support. Elderly couples living alone face healthcare challenges (as compared to those living with family) since they are unable to coordinate and get things done easily in such a fast-moving and vast city. They are not able to navigate locally with ease. Many of them want to pursue their passion but are not able to because of home-based responsibilities.

Speaking about this phase of expansion, Alserv Cofounder and Director Jagadish Ramamoorthy said Bengaluru is an upcoming location for senior living, more than 350 homes are being built in retirement communities around Bengaluru and Mysuru.

“Our understanding is that elders prefer to live at home, in the heart of the city where they can enjoy the city’s weather, parks and lifestyle better, and have access to better healthcare facilities and entertainment options. With Alserv, elders can avail everything at home, at a more affordable cost. Our mission is to ensure that seniors are not displaced from their familiar lifestyle and are able to enjoy life to its fullest,” said Alserv Cofounder and Director Jagadish Ramamoorthy.

Currently over 900+ families in Tamil Nadu and Kerala are benefitting from the home care services provided by Alserv. Some of the key services Alserv offers are Safety & Security, Housekeeping & Maintenance, Food & Catering, Healthcare & Medical, and Concierge. Alserv will be offering all its key services in Bengaluru. The startup has collaborated with over 75+ verified, trusted vendors in Bengaluru and in Mysuru.

During the pandemic, Alserv launched various Covid-19 relief initiatives for its customers, and its subscriber base grew by 500%. These initiatives helped over 300+ subscribers. For instance, it launched ‘Alserv Prime’, a full-service at-home solution for everything a modern family requires.

This was followed by the launch of ‘COVID Care’ and ‘Alserv Safe-At-Home’. ‘COVID Care’ was launched for COVID-19 positive elderly individuals. ‘Alserv Safe-At-Home’ was launched during the second wave. This covers professional deep-cleaning, disinfection and sanitization services for houses post COVID isolation period.

During the pandemic, we received several requests for Alserv’s services to be launched in Bengaluru. We are truly excited to launch in Bengaluru and Mysuru and aim to secure 1000+ families in both cities within 6 months. We will also be launching our services in other states soon.”

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