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Bengaluru, NFAPost: Technology experts working in various domains from water treatment to aerospace and information technology to electronics said there is a need for developing sustainble ecosystem to bring innovation in the society so that various problems can be resolved and progress can be brought.

“We will be able to feed the ever-growing population only when we can change the nature of crops so that they can be grown with less water combined with more nutrition”, Dr. Rakesh Mirhra, Climate change expert emphasised said on Thursday.

Speaking in a Virtual panel discussion held at the BTS-2021 he told, there are several labs across the country which are working towards achieving this goal.

Technocrat Umakanth Soni of ARTPARK stressed the point that fundamental changes with climate is inevitable and stated how Alexa has impacted electronics with its digital assistant capability across the globe as a smart tech of the future.

Yet another technocrat Karthik Chandrashekhar said that “You will see a lot of innovations happening shortly, people are learning things and what we need is a proper ecosystem”. We must have access to basics like water, energy, and food to sustain the needs of one billion people, he added.

Aerospace expert participating in the discussion said that the technology has evolved from pencil to smartphones. There is no shortcut. We have to look at our roots and understand how to evolve sustainable technology besides sustainable climate for 4 billion people.

Information technology expert Lalith spreading the light on the computing field, said “With tremendous development in phases since the 60’s said that we need to be focused and it is challenging as it may take the GDP to grow not at the rapid phase.”

The panellists were of the opinion that we need to evolve a policy to be acceptable among the people with proper ecosystem and that is possible only with transparency and trust among the people or else we will fail apart and we have to have a global funding into the system.

It had the participation of the member of Niti Aayog, the Government of India, and an academician of MIT. An expert on economics Professor Chintan, participating in the discussion said it is time that we focus on providing a proper ecosystem to sustain long-term development. The event was moderated by Manoj of Social Alpha./eom

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