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Bengaluru, NFAPost: Sensing the need for greater encouragement for women entrepreneurs, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai is keen to establish an exclusive financial institution to help women entrepreneurs that would cater to the needs of women from Sthree Shakthi Sanghas in villages to big women entrepreneurs.

Delivering the inaugural speech at “Together We Grow” conclave organised by UBUNTU as part of the International Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said he has thought for a long time that all Sthree Shakthi Sanghas should be given seed money to engage into different activities.

“But to help them or any woman entrepreneur we need a greater financial institution. So I am talking to finance department to create a financial institution exclusively for women entrepreneurs that would cater to Sthree Shakti Sangha in a village to major projects which women can handle,” said the Chief Minister.

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said woman means entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship means woman, that is what he wants.

“Homemaking is the biggest business in the world. There are different departments within that from groceries to toiletries, electronic gadgets and so on. Women running the households are also entrepreneurs. According to a report the savings of our Indian women at home is more than the savings achieved by our nationalised banks. While even the biggest of banks and enterprises declare bankruptcy often, there is no instance of any household in our country declaring bankruptcy. Saving is part of our culture,” Bommai said.

Special programme to employ visually impaired women

The Chief Minister also announced his plans to come out with a special programme within a week to provide employment for visually impaired women. He strongly advocated the need for helping the physically disadvantaged in general and visually impaired women in particular to enable them to lead a dignified life.

Explaining the trigger for his proposal, Bommai said, “three poor visually impaired women with their children met me today. When asked whether they needed any help from me, they declined it and instead urged me to provide a job to help themselves. I was humbled by their spirit and I immediately decided to formulate an employment programme for them.”

The Chief Minister also appealed to members of UBUNTU to employ physically challenged and visually impaired women as far as possible.

All help for Sthree Shakthi Groups

Appreciating the work being done by Sthree Shakthi Groups in villages the Chief Minister assured all the assistance. The state government is committed for the economic empowerment of every Kannada woman which in turn would lead to economic empowerment of the family and the state. Bommai wanted see more women engaged economic activity and contribute more for the economic growth of the state.

Karnataka is the land of opportunities for all

Karnataka is rich in natural resources, vast coastline, big rivers, western ghats and 10 agro climatic zones offering huge opportunities for all to prosper. Reminding that women in the state had always been dynamic, Bommai said, Rani Chennamma fought against the imperial British empire 40 years before Jhansi Rani did, similarly Rani Abbakka, Keladi Chennamma and Onake Obavva have made Karnataka proud. “You belong to such a great tradition. You should become the best entrepreneurs in the country.”

Women are more hard working, more honest and efficient than men. These are attributes of successful entrepreneurs, he added.

Incentives for women entrepreneurs in 2020-25 Industrial Policy

Responding to a memorandum submitted by women entrepreneurs at the function, the Chief Minister assured to incorporate the chapter on incentives for women entrepreneurs offered in the Industrial Policy of 2019 into the Policy for 2020-25 as well.

State government is already offering concession in providing finance for women entrepreneurs and hinted at proposals for giving concessions in buying land and providing market linkages. Incentive programmes similar to those in place for IT BT sector would be formulated, he said.

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