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TenderCuts, the fastest growing omnichannel meat and seafood major, opened its 50th store in Bengaluru today as part of its aggressiive expansion stratergy.

TenderCuts has increased its retail presence by 70% and manpower by 60% since its inception. The company has come up with a growth strategy i.e having their presence in 8 cities by early 2022.

Aiming to make Bengaluru the hub for the brand, flagship store TenderCuts provides the widest opportunity of customisation and personalisation of a variety of meat and seafood under one roof.

The brand that is constantly innovating itself, aims to provide a futuristic retail experience to its customers through its high-end store located at the 80-feet road at Indiranagar. The outlet, spread over 1300 sq. ft, reflects the brand’s promise of providing a unique and hassle-free meat shopping experience to its customers in Bengaluru.

Speaking on the launch, TenderCuts Founder & CEO Nishanth Chandran said having achieved the status of being market-leaders in Chennai and Hyderabad, the company is excited to open its flagship store in Bengaluru.

“We have been continuously innovating on our stores and this flagship store comes as our commitment to reimagine the meat and seafood experience through innovation, creativity and design which further offer our consumers a unique shopping experience,” said Nishanth Chandran.

He also said the flagship store in Bengaluru will set a new benchmark in our endeavour to excel in providing the freshest and safest meat & seafood.

“The brand is currently on the count of 50 stores, and we feel zestful to gear up for the expansion across India with over 100 stores in the near future covering major cities. The expansion will also give boost to local employment,” said Nishanth Chandran.

TenderCuts being the only Government-funded meat and seafood company, is currently one of the very few brands in the country to continue its growth momentum breaking barriers amidst the pandemic and economic slowdown.

About TenderCuts:

TenderCuts a tech driven omni-channel Meat & Seafood Company, founded in 2016 by Nishanth Chandran, with a unique outlook on the process of meat and seafood retail. The company is FSSAI certified and provides fresh quality meat that complies with the standards of World Health Organization (WHO). TenderCuts is an innovative and a first-of-its-kind venture, which has brought a revolution in poultry farming and aquaculture in India. They offer the finest selection of chicken, seafood, mutton, and marinades that can be ordered online/ through the phone or at any of their TenderCuts retail experience stores in Chennai and Hyderabad and Bangalore.

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