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OneWeb and Tampnet have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to outline a series of technology trials.

The arrangement will enable OneWeb to further develop its low latency, high speed connectivity capabilities and expand its customer base in the offshore sector.

In addition to providing access to its unrivalled distribution network, Tampnet will also be a pivotal partner in collaborating with OneWeb on a series of trials to test and evaluate network capabilities in the offshore energy environment.

The trials will initially focus on delivering services to offshore windfarms, rigs and platforms in the North Sea from Q1/2022 and in the Gulf of Mexico, later in 2022. Once the service is fully online in 2023, Tampnet’s customers will benefit from OneWeb’s high speed, low-latency and flexible services that have the potential to continue transforming the efficiency of data use in offshore operations.

While historically basing its infrastructure and services solely on subsea fibre, microwave and LTE, the high-speed and low-latency attributes of low Earth orbit (LEO) technology and OneWeb’s service offering complements Tampnet’s business offerings. With all of the global energy companies already on its client list, the partnership will enable Tampnet to expand its footprint with these customers, fulfil their expectations by providing services for new geographies, expand LTE coverage, and improve on the redundancy and availability of its infrastructure.

Tampnet CCO Trygve Hagevik said for twenty years, Tampnet has been at the forefront of innovation to improve and deliver reliable, low-latency, high-speed digital connectivity within the offshore and maritime industries, using technologies such as subsea fibre, microwave and LTE.

“LEO services as a technology complements the Tampnet business model, particularly in terms of faster geographic expansion, LTE backhaul, and useable backup solutions for existing clients. Partnering with a pioneer such as OneWeb, reflects our ambitions towards responding to our customers’ requests and supporting the transformational impact that LEO technology can make towards increasing our footprint and our customers’ operational performance,” said Trygve Hagevik.

OneWeb is seeing demand grow for fast, flexible and affordable connectivity solutions from LEO satellites amongst offshore companies. This reflects the changing dynamics of the offshore markets, in oil and gas as well as renewables, as they strive to balance environmental mitigation with improving reliability and resilience. Overcoming all of these challenges are increasingly underpinned by the strategic use of realtime data.

OneWeb’s Head of Maritime Carole Plessy said connectivity services have a major role to play in de-risking offshore operations, and improving efficiencies that lead to cost savings and a more positive environmental impact.

“Working with Tampnet as a distribution and trial partner will enable us to accelerate bringing a new generation of much needed connectivity to the offshore market to help them achieve their goals and build resilience for the future,” said Carole Plessy.

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