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Both Nykaa and Fynd started operations in 2012, grew exponentially, and have now joined hands to create an even bigger impact in the market.

Mumbai, NFAPost: Fynd is a leading omnichannel platform, has added Nykaa to its network as the newest and the most fashionable addition. With this collaboration, customers using Fynd’s omnichannel platform will be able to add Nykaa as a sales channel along with Nykaa Fashion & Nykaa Man.

Nykaa is a market leader in online beauty and personal care by a long shot. Being one of the very few profitable e-commerce companies in the market, they have changed the way online selling was previously defined. Their impressive upward climb has made them a retailer’s delight.

Retailers using Fynd’s omnichannel platform suite will be able to sell on Nykaa’s network through both their stores and their warehouses. This opens up a completely new market for brands to sell cosmetics, bath and body, haircare, skincare, luxury, and many other wellness products.

With this collaboration, Nykaa will substantially increase the number of sellers and stock points on their platform, and brands using Fynd’s omnichannel platform will gain more reach, visibility, and increased sales. It is a brilliant opportunity for fashion & personal care brands to tap into their ideal target audience and grow a loyal customer base.

Fynd Co-founder Harsh Shah said the company’s experience in omnichannel coupled with Nykaa’s influence and command in the market is the perfect runway for a brand’s success.

“With this partnership, retailers can now break into the fashion & beauty segment, substantially increase product discovery and increase overall sales,” said Harsh Shah.

Besides selling beauty products online, Nykaa has built a thriving and loyal community for fashion and beauty. From sharing trending tips to beauty tutorials and personalized suggestions. This community has been important in nurturing a loyal customer base. Brands using Fynd’s omnichannel services will now be able to leverage this community to make a big impact.

Now, with this new addition, Fynd’s omnichannel network gives sellers a whole host of marketplace options to choose from. All just a click away, managed from one single place.

About Fynd:

Fynd is a leading omnichannel platform, creating a thriving ecosystem for retail businesses to grow and expand market influence. Keeping technology at the core of operations, Fynd is adept at understanding the needs & expectations of the end consumer, recognizing market trends, and creating bespoke solutions for both the end consumers and businesses.

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