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Facility at Vashi, was India’s first commercial data centre of the 10 centres owned by the company

Mumbai, NFA Post: Sify Technologies Ltd, India’s most comprehensive ICT solutions provider has announced that its data centre at Vashi, the first commercial Data Center in India, completed 21 years of uninterrupted operations.

Sify Technologies expanded into the data centre business in 2000. The company has built 10 such carrier-neutral centres that are presently operational offering more than 70 MW IT Power.

After Vashi, Sify followed up with larger capacities in Bengaluru, Chennai, Airoli, Noida, Rabale, Hyderabad and Kolkata and it aims to add another 200 MW in the next four years. Through CloudCover, Sify also services a network of 49 Data Centers across India.

Sify Technologies Chairman Raju Vegesna said Sify has pioneered and set high standards in the Data Centre space in India ever since the launch of country’s first concurrently-maintainable data centre at the Infotech Park in Vashi, Mumbai in September 2000.

“Sify was the first to foresee the scope for Data Center as a business vertical in India and hence aggressively invested in the key markets. Today, the combined strength of our Data Centers and Network connectivity puts us in an unbeatable position to drive digital transformation across the nation,” said Raju Vegesna.

Sify Technologies CEO Kamal Nath said this 21st anniversary of Vashi Data Center is testimony to Sify’s legacy in the Data Center business in India.

“Our data center footprint across the country powers our cloud@core philosophy and drives the Integrated Data Center solutions that we offer to our clients to help them meet their digital transformation goals,” said Kamal Nath.

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