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New Delhi, NFAPost: ZebPay, India’s oldest and most widely-used crypto asset exchange, today announced the launch of ZebPay Earn, a new feature enabling ZebPay customers to earn returns on crypto available in their spot and trading wallets. ZebPay is the first cryptocurrency exchange in India to offer this feature to its entire customer base.

On launch, ZebPay Earn will support earnings on Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Tether (USDT), Polygon (MATIC), Binance Coin (BNB), and Dai (DAI). Returns can be earned on the balance in an investor’s spot or trading wallet and even in pending ask (sell) orders.

The earnings will be calculated based on the daily eligible balance as at midnight UTC (or 5.30 am IST) every day. The earnings cycle will be for the span of a whole month and the monthly earnings will be credited by the 7th of the following month. The minimum earnings paid will be 1 Satoshi per coin. All users will be able to see the list of coins they can earn returns on and their earnings on the ZebPay website, iOS app, or Android app in the coming few days.

All registered ZebPay customers who have completed their KYC will be eligible to earn returns on their trading wallet balance by default via ZebPay Earn. In May, ZebPay launched ZebPay Lending Platform, a first-of-its-kind crypto lending model in India allowing users to lend their crypto to ZebPay and earn returns based on the coin and its lending period. ZebPay Earn allows users to continue trading their coins, whereas users cannot trade the coins lent with the ZebPay Lending Platform before maturity.

ZebPay Co-CEO Avinash Shekhar said ZebPayis constantly ideating on ways to encourage users to invest in crypto for the long-term to get the best possible returns.

“Recently, we introduced the ZebPay Lending Platform to allow users to earn passive returns on their crypto holdings. With ZebPay Earn, an easy-to-use feature, we are removing the threshold of having to lend one’s crypto for a certain amount of time. We are now enabling ZebPay users to not only continue holding but also continue trading while earning returns on their balance,” said Avinash Shekhar.

Avinash Shekhar said ZebPay wants its customers’ coins to continue to earn for them in more than one way as they sit in their wallets. “We want to look out for every customer HODLing their coins for long-term returns as well as those short-term customers trading on our exchange daily. We value our customer’s trust in ZebPay and are constantly innovating with new features and product offerings for the crypto community in India,” said Avinash Shekhar.

About ZebPay

ZebPay is India’s oldest and most widely-used Bitcoin and crypto asset exchange, with over 4 million users and over $1 Billion in monthly transaction volumes. Founded in 2014, ZebPay’s mission is to make Bitcoin accessible to Indians using its highly secure and compliant exchange, available via the web and on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. ZebPay also operates an exchange in Australia and Singapore, serving 162 countries globally.

ZebPay members can invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other crypto assets, trading both crypto-fiat and crypto-crypto pairs. ZebPay OTC, a bespoke trading desk for high-volume clients, serves both individuals and institutions. For more details please visit:

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