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Digital payments and banking technology company Cashfree has pledged to support Mission Oxygen, a campaign initiated by Democracy People Foundation, to help hospitals across India get access to oxygen concentrators.

In association with online crowdfunding platform Ketto, the fintech leader will be contributing Re 1 for every Re 1 received as donation on the platform, up to a total of Rs 40 lakh, for oxygen concentrators. During the campaign, Cashfree will be the exclusive payment gateway used to accept donations by Ketto, the company said in a statement.

Mission Oxygen is aimed at helping hospitals across India get immediate access to oxygen concentrators and cylinders. This self-funded, 100% non-for-profit and charitable initiative, has already raised more than Rs 27 crore as of May 2, facilitating orders for more than 3,900 concentrators.

Cashfree’s  support will further boost the numbers, ensuring more hospitals across rural as well as urban locations can be one step closer to hindrance-free oxygen supply.

Cashfree CEO and Co-founder Akash Sinha said, “With the number of COVID-19 cases increasing rapidly, India is now facing its worst oxygen shortfall.”

“Numerous hospitals are seen reporting oxygen shortages, to an extent where lives are being risked. In light of these times, we are glad to partner with Democracy People Foundation for the initiative, #MissionOxygen, to facilitate concentrators for hospitals so that patients who need oxygen can have easy access to it. This collaboration will help tackle the crisis, by ensuring hospitals across all locations are adequately equipped with oxygen concentrators for emergency relief,” he added.

Designhill Founder and Trustee of Democracy People Foundation Varun Aggarwal said, “Mission Oxygen, within 9 days of initiating the fundraise has already helped over 28 hospitals across the country with 144 oxygen concentrators. The foundation has put in strong governance and audit processes for assessing real time demand and allocation of more than 6,000 oxygen concentrators that have already been procured and expected to be distributed by May 20.” CEO & Co-founder Varun Sheth said, “We are delighted to partner with Cashfree for their philanthropic endeavour to support Mission Oxygen. The initiative will help us support hospitals with the maximum supply of oxygen concentrators and save as many as lives possible.”

“At Ketto, we are constantly working towards bridging the accessibility and affordability gap. Since the past two weeks, Ketto has hosted over 2,500 COVID relief campaigns of which 30% have been for oxygen and COVID care supplies. So far have raised around Rs 100 crore pertaining to COVID relief campaigns,” he added.

Cashfree will be allocating the contributions from its CSR funds to support the campaign in channelling efforts towards pandemic relief in the country. Aside from the donation, Cashfree will also align with Democracy People Foundation and Ketto to raise awareness around the campaign and encourage contributions, through co-branded marketing activities.

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