AppSwarm Launches for Application Development on Dogecoin Blockchain

AppSwarm Corp., a software development company and aggregator of mobile applications, announced the launch of to develop commercial applications around the Dogecoin blockchain protocol.

The Company announces the launch of, which will embark on application research, seminars, blockchain workshops, and will utilize its video conferencing capabilities to bring together global minds and developer insights around the Doge community.

DogeLabs Application Development

DogeLabs will work on leveraging Doge’s underlying liquidity to develop commercial applications that utilize Dogecoin blockchain for mobile and web-based products.

Why Dogecoin?

Doge offers high liquidity, fast transaction speed, and brand popularity, which could make it a unique protocol on which to build new commercial applications such as money transfers, micropayments, in-app purchases, and customer rewards.

Developers recently released a new version of the protocol’s core that promises improved synchronization speed and reduced default mempool expiry time.

Developers say they’ve significantly improved the speed at which a DOGE node can upload blocks, by removing expensive integrity checks that were performed each time a block is sent to another node.

DogeLabs Startup Accelerator

DogeLabs, in conjunction with, is launching a startup accelerator that will assist in providing access to seed funding, training and mentorship to blockchain startups to help them pass successfully through the early stages of business growth.

Our labs goal is to provide investments for novel ideas developers may have seeking to build commercial applications or integrate current blockchain protocols around their existing business models.

Partnerships and Collaborations is currently seeking companies and blockchain developers who wish to explore integrating Doge protocol into new and exciting mobile and web-based application products.

The company will be announcing new members to its blockchain advisory board in the coming weeks as we embark on building a premier blockchain development consulting and research firm headquartered in Tulsa, OK.

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