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Bengaluru, NFAPost: Lincode, a leading AI-powered visual inspection startup company, announced a partnership with Switzerland headquartered Global Automotive Alliance to form an ecosystem that promotes and empowers smart automotive manufacturing.

The San Francisco-headquartered Lincode is a startup that specialises in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and Industrial IoT / smart factory solutions. Lincode’s solutions help manufacturing companies in verticals increase profitability.

Lincode has developed a unique computer vision-based solution that detects QA issues at higher rates of accuracy and at lower costs than major competitors. The company’s decision to alliance in the automotive industry as it is witnessing a bullish trend in adopting smart manufacturing.

The decision of Lincode assumes significant as the automotive industry is making large investments in smart technologies such as AI, IIoT, Automation, Big data, 5G, etc. to streamline and scale-up the automotive manufacturing process for higher efficiency and production capacity.

By the end of 2022, automotive manufacturers expect that 24% of their plants will be smart factories and 49% of automakers have already invested more than $250 million in smart factories. However, few automotive manufacturers have translated this enthusiasm into real progress – 42% of smart factory initiatives are struggling and the digital maturity of their manufacturing operations is below par.

The Indian automotive sector has seen growth in its sales and increased adoption of critical manufacturing technologies is an important driving factor. It has led to delivering a best-in-class quality of products that are made available to the market in tandem with the demand due to better production capacity. 

Commenting on the new development, Lincode CEO Rajesh Iyengarsaid the automotive industry has shown an impressive adoption of manufacturing technologies.

“The manufacturers are not hesitant to deploy technology or a solution that they know will bring them high ROI. For instance, our AI-backed visual inspection solution has made the inspection of the production lines much more efficient than the traditional vision systems. The manufacturers have seen a drastic difference with our solution,” said Rajesh Iyengar.

He also pointed out that the manufacturers see that microscopic surface defects were detected with the highest precision and accuracy within the established time cycles and now we have seen an ever-growing demand amongst the automotive manufacturers.

“I certainly believe the industry is now more than ready to invest in manufacturing technologies. The future of smart automotive manufacturing is very promising,” said Rajesh Iyengar.

Global Automotive Alliance Managing Director Ralf Mueller digitalisation and continuing pressure in the automotive industry with regards to quality, efficiency, and product/process-optimisation are a daily challenge to OEMs, System Suppliers, and component manufacturers.

“All players along the supply chain are aware of the necessity to identify suitable smart manufacturing (industry 4.0) tools, however, in many cases the global overview, in-house knowledge, experiences, and internal resources are limited to successfully scout, develop & implement tailored solutions in the own facilities. This is why GAA has selected a group of unique smart manufacturing (industry 4.0) innovation providers that can be accessed by the automotive industry as part of the “GAA Smart Manufacturing Toolbox,” said Ralf Mueller.

Ralf Mueller said Lincode, as a smart manufacturing solution provider, offers a unique Visual Inspection Technology with Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence was chosen by the GAA specialists to cover the visual inspection tasks & challenges of the industry.

Started its journey in 2017, Lincode is a leading AI-powered visual inspection startup with multiple patent-pending defect detection capabilities. The company is backed by rich engineering expertise and have a strong global presence. It’s a pure-play product development and engineering R&D company of its kind to offer high-end services and solutions to all major industries with customers across the globe. 

Silicon Valley-based Lincode has a presence in Europe and India. Lincode Labs has also created Smart Manufacturing AI, AR, and Robotics Consortium (SMAARC), an ecosystem of industrial partners, to accelerate the future of manufacturing technology and innovation.

As a worldwide group of 19 independent business development & engineering service providers located in 15 countries all over the world, GAA provides industry experience and domain knowledge in the Automotive and Manufacturing segments.  The main task of the GAA satellite offices is to establish a sustainable presence for its clients (represented suppliers/ innovation providers) at specific OEMs and/or First Tier Suppliers.

Besides raising pre-seed funding from Acceleprise, the Indian founded started also raised seed funds from Comeback Capital and Right Side Capital Management.

The technical & commercial sales team of the GAA engineering offices is constantly present in the development, purchasing, production, logistics, quality, and financial departments of the OEMs and System Suppliers with the target to generate “nominations & mass production assignments” for its clients. With its global team of more than 230 skilled & experienced technical specialists, GAA represents on a daily basis around 170 innovative automotive component manufacturers & technology providers – most of the relationships to its clients and customers are in place for decades.


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