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Bengaluru, NFAPost: Info Designer Studio, a Vijayapura based advertising and branding startup managed by a group of young professionals, is treading a success path after venturing into e-commerce space with its patented innovative platform DOART for art lovers to launch artistes from remote areas to sell their products like wall design, decor and other artwork for discerning buyers.

Naveen Nimbalkar, who is the Founder and CEO of Info Designer Studio, started the venture from his dorm room in 2015. During the company’s early years, Naveen Nimbalkar acted as the sole designer, and support representative for the entire Info designer platform, tied to his own passions for social good.

He came up projects he enjoys the most like those powerful design and imagery that inspire and motivate individuals
to take actions for positive change. The company had a learning curve when they strengthened their expertise in brand building, digital marketing, promotional, and product implementation techniques to make the company most trusted
name in art and design industry.

Elevate programme

“Our ultimate aim is to explore and make use of the vast opportunities in the field of art and design through continuous research. But the journey was immensely challenging to build a commercial product and later the Karnataka government’s Elevate Programme helped us to build the product in a more efficient way,” said Naveen Nimbalkar.

Then there was no looking back as he conceived the idea of DOART. “Thus emerged DOART, an art-studio for art lovers that brings great value for money for those who create a design. Our endeavour is to craft your ideas and bring them to life and personalize it in every pixel. Here we give the opportunity to budding artists across the country to create their instincts,” said the founder of Info Designer Studio.

It is a fact that all love to decorate homes with things that excite individuals. But, something that seizes others attention is not an easy thing to find out. Situated out of Vijayapura the company created customised wall murals and canvas paintings along with the most trusted names in the art industry.

Naveen Nimbalkar made it clear that DOART creative designs are based on catchy eye themes, which makes them an interesting treat for people.

Home decor

“You can use them for your home decor, paste it as a poster, keep it as a souvenir, or gift them to your near-and-dear ones. One thing we can assure is that you will always find our artwork to be best-in-class, as we use premium quality materials,” adds Naveen Nimbalkar.

DOART, under the Info Designer Studio, really transformed during the tiring period of Covid-19 pandemic when art community around the state were in doldrums with scarce demands. The platform became a hub of activity so that artist community pledged to help artists across India in the shortest time frame possible.

The startup has helped thousands of collectors receive offers to get their works sold. Artists found the platform helping them a pathway for their art to reach out to the world to showcase art to the right audience. Here the platform gives buyers to select your art style.

Naveen Nimbalkar said DOART gives the option to explore and select from wide range collection or get it customised as per your dimensions specified by customers.

Market place

“Get it tailor-made for you across desired length, breadth and height. We produce and deliver. Place your Order and start the countdown for the arrival of the masterpiece at your doorstep. Then install and enjoy, use our guide for easy installation. Yay! Adore it all you want!” this is made possible,” said Founder and CEO of Info Designer Studio Naveen Nimbalkar.

Info Designer Studio’s mission is to grow and cultivate India’s topmost market place for customised murals and artworks.

“A place where people can find and purchase the artwork they need, and artists build the business they dream. As an artist, your work is inspired by the success of our users and the celebration of your personal growth,” said Founder and CEO of Info Designer Studio Naveen Nimbalkar.

At present, the startup is targeting onboarding 7,00 artist and resellers a month for the next 18 months. According to the FICCI and KPMG Research Report, Indian wallpaper market stands at Rs 2.3 billion as of 2019 and will touch Rs 3.5 billion by 2022 and The Indian art market was valued at Rs 14.6 billion last year and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.1 by 2022.

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