Hyderabad, NFAPost: Win Trade Fantasy (WTF) Sports, one of India’s biggest fantasy sports gaming platform has formally announced their launch globally and appointed famed cricketers Harmanpreet Kaur and Suresh Raina as Global Brand Ambassadors.

Harmanpreet Kaur, the captain of the Indian squad at the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup in 2020 and Suresh Raina, the IPL superstar represent high energy for the brand. Suresh Raina will be joining the brand as a Strategic Partner.

The announcement was made through a web conference with prominent cricket host, Vikram Sathaye moderating and hosting the webinar and Vinit Bhatia, Manit Parikh and Yash Kadakia Co-Founders – India and Global, WTF Sports introducing the cricketers as the Global Brand Ambassadors. 

The app currently hosts three major sports, multiple playing modes and exciting contests, ensuring that sports fans can get more skilful by letting them strategize and use their sports knowledge into rewarding behaviour. 

Suresh Raina
Harmanpreet Kaur

Users can create their own team made up of real-life players from upcoming matches, score points based on their on-field performance and compete with other fans. The app lets you manage your own team, mentor them and invite your friends to join in. 

Commenting on the launch and announcement Vinit Bhatia, Manit Parikh and Yash Kadakia, Co-Founders of WTF Sports – India and Global said they are excited to launch WTF Sports and indulge the sports fanatic and have them use their sports knowledge.

Strategic partner

“Harmanpreet and Suresh are some of the top players from the Indian cricketing world, they’re also great sportspeople, their energy, fierceness and strategic bent of mind is what makes them great Global Brand Ambassadors and they’re the perfect embodiment of the platform. It was also extremely exciting to have Suresh on board as a Strategic Partner with us and help us evolve the platform as we go along,” said the company founders.

Talking about the association, Harmanpreet Kaur, Global Brand Ambassador of WTF Sports said WTF Sports was the perfect fit with her.

“I can use strategy and my experience while playing, I’ve actually learnt to strategize better as I’ve played along. Additionally, when we were under lockdown and I couldn’t really practice, it was fun to come on the platform and feel like I’m still playing,” said Harmanpreet Kaur.

Suresh Raina, Strategic Partner and Global Brand Ambassador of WTF Sports said, it is exciting to be a part of a fantasy sports platform like WTF Sports not just as an ambassador but also as the strategic partner.

“I is everything that I embody and what I believe in, it’s fierce, fun and competitive,” said Indian cricket player Suresh Raina.

Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports normally is a sport that is a game where participants assemble imaginary teams using real players of a different professional sports team. Earlier it took more than one day.

During the game, points are assigned to certain actions of the team members. Once the game is over, teams layers’ points will be added and whichever team has the highest score is declared the winner. Normally the fantasy sports typically occur over an entire season.

But the rules of new age fantasy sport underwent thorough change as it became a one day game. Players will assemble in the morning and most likely it will be over in the afternoon or evening and winning team is declared.

The marked difference in the Fantasy sports is earlier Another difference is that normally there will be focused playing year after year in a league with your best friends. The new age daily fantasy sports is usually played more online with random competitors you’re matched against.

Here various companies have different rules to join the game. Companies like DraftKings on board hundreds of thousands of competitors, each paying a few dollars to enter. The ultimate winner in the end will win millions of dollars in prizes.

Legal compliance

The Madras High Court raised concerns over why the State does not have a law to regulate virtual games and online gambling and said that there should be a regulatory body to monitor and regulate legal gaming, both in the real and virtual spaces.

The Court noted that online services such as RummyPassion, Nazara, LeoVegas, Spartan Poker, Ace2Three, PokerDangal, Pocket52, My11Circle, and Genesis Casino are mushrooming and several advertisements are appearing in almost all the social media and websites.

In India the online gaming and fantasy gaming are gaining momentum. It is high time that regulators should come up with new rules to make it more compliant with global changes.

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