Chennai, NFAPost: MyGate, the leading security and community management solution, has rolled out ‘Comprehensive COVID Management for Communities’ (CCMC), a set of 10 new features to control the spread of COVID-19.

This new feature set will enable housing societies to practice caution as the pandemic rages on, even as residents feel the need to move on with their daily lives. The features can be divided into those that curb the spread of the virus within the community and those that empower the society to better deal with the situation, should a case arise.

Six of the features are available to all two million homes on its platform; the remaining four, which require the management committee to opt-in, have been activated in over 3,000 societies.

Since late March, when lockdowns began, the majority of housing societies across the country have restricted access to all visitors, including maids, drivers and relatives or friends of residents. With no clear end in sight for the outbreak, however, this position has become untenable. To enable societies to better manage the situation, MyGate has launched a number of features to assess risk levels of visitors.

This includes an integration with Aarogya Setu, the app developed by Government of India, to aid in contact tracing efforts. Security guards can scan a visitor’s Aarogya Setu app to learn of their exposure to persons who have tested positive for COVID-19 and accordingly decide whether or not to let the person in. The MyGate app will also require security guards to check the body temperature of all visitors, and report whether or not the person is wearing a mask.

Similarly, residents may enter the address of their maid or driver into the app for it to run a daily check on whether or not their place of residence is in a containment zone. This information will be useful in deciding whether or not to call their daily help in to work.

Safety at Home  
Apart from increased safety at the gate, a number of features and partnerships have been rolled out to benefit residents. All MyGate users have preferential access to online e-consultations and pharmacy deliveries as well as an exclusive helpline to emergency ambulance services, via exclusive partnerships.

Moreover, the app allows communities to use a simple mechanism for managing declarations of home quarantine. The management committee can notify all stakeholders in the society that members of a particular flat are in quarantine for a particular time period; in doing so, all deliveries and interactions with the concerned flat can be better managed. Finally, the app also now has a Security Alert, by which MyGate users can alert any persons in their contact list or even their main gate security in case of an emergency.

Over a third of its societies have activated all the features, and MyGate expects this number to grow significantly in coming weeks.

MyGate Co-Founder and COO Abhishek Kumar said, “As housing societies adopt their own unique ways of living with the virus, we are proud to deliver a robust set of features that encourage transparency at the gate, build consensus among residents and contribute to better community living even during these difficult times.”

Satyanarayana Enclave, Hyderabad, General Secretary Lokesh Yellapu, an early adopter of the CCMC, said it is crucial to find consensus on all community matters during these times.

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