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Hyderabad, NFAPost: The GMR Institute of Technology (GMRIT) at Rajam, Srikakulam district in Andhra Pradesh announced the inauguration of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Laboratory. 

The facility has been set up with the intent to provide training and certification on AI applications development to its students and faculty through a new curriculum.

G M Rao, Chairman, GMR Group and G B S Raju, Business Chairman, GMR Airports e-inaugurated the facility. The laboratory is equipped to offer specialized training in Artificial Intelligence and related technologies to students of all branches of Engineering. 

The students will take up projects having a social impact in Healthcare, Social Media, Business Analytics, Customer services and Security Surveillance with this Accelerated Computing facility.

Keeping in view that AI will soon be an essential element for automation across all the branches of engineering, GMRIT has set up this laboratory for its students so that they can acquire and equip themselves with the necessary skillsets in AI technologies, and be ready for new-age employment opportunities.

The curriculum is designed with utmost care with inter-disciplinary framework by incorporating cutting-edge technologies with the support from the industry experts that enhances the basic knowledge and competencies. 

Further, the courses (AI, Blockchain, Data Analytics, Digital Manufacturing, Building Information Modelling, Electric Vehicle Technology, Robotics and Industrial Automation) are introduced in the form of a career path for all branches of engineering. 

World Economic Forum

Accordingly, the curriculum is tuned with the needs of the Jobs Landscape – 2020 of World Economic Forum (WEC). This AI laboratory is set up with High-Performance Computing facility with NVIDIA QUADRO RTX6000 workstations and P1000 desktops.

Commenting at the launch of the laboratory, G B S Raju, Business Chairman, GMR Airports, said “GMRIT has taken a significant step in establishing an exclusive laboratory to introduce its students to AI learning courses. AI has its footprints and application spread in all sectors. 

“It is a moment of pride as we developed such an innovative training-based learning approach for students and teachers. The objective of this initiative is to help address some of those challenges by designing one of the most accessible and comprehensive gateways for students to begin their AI journey. The goal is to introduce the foundational skills of AI in students to make them not just consumers of AI, but creators as well,” he added. 

Over the past two years, there has been a 60 percent rise in demand for AI learning experts in the industry. The size of this sector in India is estimated to grow up to $16 billion by 2025. 

While the demand for professionals in this field is significantly high, most Indian companies feel that the shortage of skilled professionals is slowing down their adoption of AI in business.

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