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Bengaluru, NFAPost: NetApp, the global leader in cloud data services, announced that it has completed its acquisition of Spot, a leader in compute management and cost optimisation in the public clouds.

Spot by NetApp delivers application-driven infrastructures (ADIs), cloud infrastructures that use analytics and machine learning to continuously adapt to the needs of applications, to help drive cloud resource optimization in real time, for both compute and storage.

ADIs automatically deliver the availability, performance, and capacity that applications need at the lowest cost, accelerating the deployment and innovation of applications. ADIs help application teams shorten development lifecycles and run more applications in their choice of cloud. Customers can save up to 90% of their compute and storage infrastructure expenses, which typically make up 70% of total cloud spending, while maintaining SLAs and SLOs.

NetApp Senior Vice President and General Manager of Public Cloud Services business unit Anthony Lye said together they are extending NetApp’s vision for helping customers unlock the best of the cloud.

“With Spot by NetApp, we will enable customers to get more out of their cloud investment to gain competitive advantage and accelerate their business success,” said NetApp Senior Vice President and General Manager of Public Cloud Services business unit Anthony Lye.

Spot co-founder and CEO Amiram Shachar cloud infrastructure gives application developers the ability to develop and deploy applications faster by providing resources almost instantly at any time.

“We are excited to join NetApp in pursuit of the shared vision to help application owners embrace and take advantage of the full power of the cloud,” said Spot co-founder and CEO Amiram Shachar.

Spot by NetApp offers a portfolio of compute and storage services that monitor and analyze the needs of applications and automatically optimize cloud resources to meet those needs.

Customers will be able to:

·       Make reliable and greater use of cloud excess compute capacity (aka spot instances) and save up to 90% of compute and storage costs, which typically make up 70% of cloud spend.

·       Use compression, dedup and tiering technology to provide dramatic costs saving, up to 60% less than standard cloud storage

·       Provide full value out of customers’ cloud reserved capacity

·       Integrated, actionable approach to managing cloud spend

·       Continuously monitor, analyse and predict applications’ resource needs.

·       Proactively optimize cloud infrastructure to meet business and application demands.

·       Automatically scale and adapt to deliver optimized capacity and performance.

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