• The community-based social commerce platform aims to add more women resellers to its workforce through social media, referrals, and awareness campaigns
  • Otipy currently serves over 50,000 active customers in the Delhi-NCR area, and is targeting the large market with a scalable demand-led model

Chennai, NFAPost: Otipy, the social commerce venture of the farm to retail agritech startup Crofarm, has recently announced its plans to on-board 5,000 women resellers in Delhi NCR. The platform aims to engage with these women by July 2020.

Currently working with over 500 women resellers, the brand aims to further expand this number to 5,000 by leveraging social media, awareness campaigns, and referrals. By joining the platform’s social commerce workforce, women would be able to earn up to Rs 60,000 per month by supplying fresh fruits and vegetables in their community. Otipy resellers earn approximately 10% of their daily sales. To join the platform they can register themselves on the Otipy website (https://otipy.com/partner.html) or their Facebook page.

Otipy also offers basic training to newly onboarded resellers on their platform on How to grow their Otipy business; which includes the usage of the reseller partner app, social media promotion, customer care and deliveries. Considering the scalability and efficiency, the training is offered through video conferencing. The brand onboards and activates reseller partners within half hour.

Otipy Founder Varun Khurana said, “A majority of our resellers, almost 70% are women. Till now we have on boarded 500 women and we are determined to achieve our goal of onboarding 5,000 women by the end of July. To ensure the safety and financial sanctity, we only onboard relevant resellers with valid KYC documents.”

“We have also enabled a WhatsApp feature where women resellers can engage with their neighbourhood customers and understand them and their preferences. This will help them have a strong influence on the community and cater to the specific needs of the consumer. Furthermore, there is no investment required for them to start. We look forward to fulfilling our goal and serving the community better by bringing them fresh produce straight from the farm,” he added.

Otipy works on a social commerce model where the company delivers the products to the resellers who will then handle the last-mile deliveries within their neighbourhood and earn a healthy commission. Otipy currently serves over 50,000 active customers in the Delhi-NCR area and is targeting the large market with a scalable demand-led model.

The fruits and vegetables are sourced from various regions across the country such as Haryana, UP, Delhi, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra. Crofarm also recently raised a funding of $1 million led by Smile Group.

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