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Chennai, NFAPost: Healthcare company eExpedise, which offers medical treatment services to patients travelling to India, will launch its services for patients in the domestic market by 2020.

Started in 2017, the company has serviced over 5,000 domestic and international members in 29 countries. “We launched a project called ‘Home Country Treatment’, which is being promoted among the Indian expats, students and NRIs, as the name suggests, we encourage them to visit their home country/city and get the treatment done,” Amit Sharma, founder and CEO of eExpedise Healthcare told NFA Post.

As majority of these patients are covered by the international insurance companies, eExpedise has signed contracts with international insurance companies to manage the members if they travel to home country for the treatment.

“The concept has been accepted by the expats and NRIs, and is now running successfully in the Gulf. We are now aiming to take this concept to the other part of the world soon. Initially, the concept was started by targeting Indian nationals, however looking at the acceptability and demand for the project, we have enhanced our network in 29 countries and are now managing treatment for these nationals travelling to their home country with our over 8000 Healthcare Service providers,” said Sharma.

While the company has not gone full-fledged promoting its services in the domestic market, it aims to launch its services for domestic patients by 2020.

The company’s focus is to provide the services at his/her city of residence but if the city does not have the best hospital, it refers them to a nearby metro city. “At present, we offer our services in Tier-I, Tier-II and Tier-III cities. Over 5,000 hospitals have empanelled with us to offer their services. We have tied up with hospitals such as Aster Medcity, Global, Manipal, Fortis, Narayana Health, HCG and Apollo, among others,” said Sharma.

In the last financial year, the company, which employs over 50 people, has recorded a turnover of Rs 10 crore, and has declared profit from the first year of its operations. “Currently, we are servicing 25 International Insurance companies, TPA and corporates and our plan is to double the number and also spread network in 35 counties and record top line of Rs 20 crore by 2020. Our vision is to become the largest global provider of technology and healthcare service provider under one umbrella,” the founder said.

eExpedise Healthcare has developed a unique Technology CRM and manages complete life cycle of the patient.

“We have identified over 300 medical treatment and mapped symptoms, allergies, dos and don’ts and other parameters along with cost estimates from different categories of hospitals and from multiple cities to meet all the segments of customers,” he said.

Talking about medical tourism in India, he said, “Medical travel industry has come a long way. A decade ago, patients used to travel across the border for affordable healthcare. Now patients are choosing a destination which offers complete package – Quality treatment, ease of communication & travel at the same time competitive pricing.”


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