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NFAPost, Bengaluru : KnowDi, a healthcare startup based out of Bengaluru, plans to expand in South Indian states.

In an interaction with NFAPost, Knowdi Co-Founder Pramod Arehalli C said the platform is unique in its approach by engaging in the entire value of patient care. Besides accessing the healthcare services like booking doctor’s appointment, ordering medicines to book diagnostic tests, KnowDi helps the patients to access medical in a secured way – said Pramod.

The company, which took 24 months to fine tune the product, unveiled the platform in select areas of Bengaluru. The beta version of the platform will be deployed fully in Bengaluru within three months. We have already tied up with 22 hospitals, 50+ pharmacies, and over 750 doctors in the Bengaluru region. We are planning to expand it soon,” he said.

Pramod said it very heartening to see the response to Knowdi from the doctors and the public at large. We are beginning our journey with Bengaluru because we know that people here are very tech savvy and are eager for an integrated healthcare solution that will solve their issues. In our next stage of growth, we will launch in Hyderabad, Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi, “he said.

Patients using this application will have control over medical records, prescriptions and diagnostic results and would be able to access it anytime anywhere. The application will also bring accuracy and process efficiency by enabling doctors and labs to access patients records.


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