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In trying times, we all reach for things that bring us comfort. It could be that soft toy we keep hidden in the depth of our closet. It can be a favorite dress that makes us feel good about ourselves. It can be a photo or a piece of art. Some of us loose ourselves in drawing that perfect beach, while others knit or stich or embroider.

Babita Sinha and I (Saumya Tiwary) founded Your Green Canvas as an extension of their love for plants but now they are an integral part of their well-being. We have placed them on every available surface that gets decent light. The beauty of a newly unfurled leaf is enough to give them a few moments of peace.

Till recently, plants were a décor item, now they are a necessity. We realised that even a small patch of green is enough to lift our spirits. The act of taking care of our plants like watering, cleaning, pruning or just talking to them and spending time with
them have a therapeutic effect. So many of our clients have sent us messages about the finding the true value of the green space we created for them in these tough times.

But urban houses have limited floor space and we don’t want to clutter every available surface we have. But more and more apartment dwellers realise that the presence of plants in our homes and balconies have become essential. We set out to address the problems by getting inventive.

Why contain our creativity when it comes to planters that house our gorgeous greens? Why contain the placement to horizontal surfaces. We decided to look beyond the obvious and try our hands at somethings truly unique. Here are a few unique ways in which we can have greenery around us.

1.Gift from Mother Nature herself:

-What can be more bountiful than fallen branches, barks, logs etc. These natural elements make the most striking planters or accent pieces. All the pieces we have foraged were cleaned thoroughly to get rid of pests etc. We have boiled them in some cases, while others were chemically treated.

We have also used beautifully formed driftwood from aquariums and other novelty shops. We have used gorgeous pieces that are too shallow for soil loving plants, but perfect for epiphytes. To maintain the health of the plants, we diligently apply water soluble organic fertilizer. We absolutely love experimenting with natural materials.
This, we feel, is art at it’ best.


Since we all have limited flat surface, why not combine art pieces with plants. Let us add a little bit of whimsy to our décor and have plants to look at all the time. Win-win!!We got local artists to make sculptures that also double up as planters like the Dreadlock Dude and the sculpture titled serenity. (insert pic).
Or try your “hands” at making this hand -These interesting items are enough to lift up any area.

3.No Floor Space-No problem:

There are so many areas in our homes that are perfect for plant placement. A magnet planter is great to show case your succulent collection (as long as that area gets ample light) on a refrigerator’s door or the whiteboard. How about the walls-Lets create a living art collection by creating a gallery wall with plants? That leaves us with the ceiling. Yes, we have hanging planters but why not make a faux Kokedama from a coconut shell covered in moss.
Think creatively people….

Fridge Magnet
Plant Picture Gallery
Glass Gallery
Coconut Kokedama

4.Container Garden:

It is almost unnatural for us to not talk about container garden. Making these is mental yoga for us, our happy space, out stress buster. Any container that can have a hole drilled into it can be a container. We can make a desert garden by using cacti, create a California vibe by creating a succulent garden, make a calm Japanese/Zen garden, create our own tropical paradise etc. Another way of introducing greenery indoor is one of our favourite-Terrariums. These glass containers are perfect way to create a miniature garden that can happily sit on our desks, coffee tables, shelves etc. The possibilities are endless.

Palm Frond Container
Tropical Paradaise

These are just the tip pf the iceberg when it comes to plant placement possibilities –
See I can alliterate with the best of them. Friends, these natural beauties have given us so much peace that we want everyone to experience it. If you only have one plant at home, start with that. Plants respond to attention and they give back positive energy in spades. Try your hand at one of these ideas and you will never go back.

Your Green Canvas is an organization created out of love and passion for the green world. They provide end to end green solutions like Landscaping both Indoor and Outdoor Gardens, Green Products and conduct workshops on various aspects of gardening. Their clients are both from the corporate world as well as apartment dwellers like you and me. The founders include Babita Sinha and Saumya Tiwary. (Website –

Saumya Tiwary
Founder and CEO, Your Green Canvas


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